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We offer everything you need to reach your ultimate dog training goals!

Online Training

We offer a variety of free dog training videos updated weekly to help you start your dog training journey.
Our online training program was carefully designed around Yoni’s progressive training approach.
Use this easy to follow video series to help you reach your ultimate dog training goals!

Private Training Lessons

Work one-on-one with one of the best dog trainers in Phoenix! Yoni is available to come to your home to personally evaluate and come up with a customized training plan. See "life changing" results in that first session!
Take the guess work out of training and work with a pro!

Group Training Lessons

Group training is a great way to continue to see success with your training program.
It’s important to have an understanding of the training program before signing up for group classes. Whether that means following the training videos or working one-on-one with Yoni.

 Our Story

Our Story

Hello all, my name is Yoni Kachlon. I’ve always been of the opinion that any dog, no matter the breed, upbringing, or temperament, can be loving and docile, while retaining the playful energy that makes them so enjoyable as companions.

In September of 2012 I attended the Training Cesar’s Way seminar to train with world-famous “Dog Whisperer” and his team of elite trainers, Brian Agnew and Cheri Lucas, in Santa Clarita California.

I have since continued to learn from all of the dogs that I work with, as well as attended numerous additional seminars.

I have created a progressive approach to dog training that will help you reach your ultimate training goals!

Please don't hesitate to contact me to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and/or after any of our training sessions. Our program here at VDT will help you to reach the best results in the loving and caring manner that every dog owner deserves.

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